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    Renton Housing Authority Legal Services



    Project Description:  The Housing Authority of the City of Renton Housing Authority (RHA) is seeking the services of a qualified law firm/team to provide RHA with a full range of legal services.



    Any prospective law firm/team, hereafter referred to as an offeror, desiring an explanation or interpretation of this solicitation must request it in writing as set forth above to allow the RHA time to provide a reply to all prospective offerors before the submission of their proposals.  No oral explanation or interpretation will be provided to any offeror.  Any information given a prospective offeror concerning this proposal will be furnished promptly to all other prospective offerors as a written amendment to the solicitation, if that information is necessary in submitting proposals or if the lack of it would be prejudicial to other prospective offerors.  Amendments will also be on file in the office of the RHA at least seven (7) days before the closing date.  All offerors will be bound by such amendments, whether or not they are received by the offerors.  Any information obtained by, or provided to, an offeror other than by formal amendments to the solicitation shall not constitute a change to solicitation.


    Questions: Questions about this project should be directed to:

    Any questions or requests for further information must be submitted in writing no later than 4:00 PM, on January 27, 2020, to Mark Gropper, Executive Director, ((425) 226-1850 ext. 223), by fax at (425) 271-8319, by e-mail



    Offeror submittals (one original and two copies) must be received not later than 4:00 PM, Friday, January 27, 2020, at RHA’s street address below.  Submittals sent by U.S. Mail should be addressed to the P.O. Box below and must be delivered to RHA by the deadline stated above. The outside cover of the submission package should clearly be marked as follows: “Proposal – LEGAL SERVICES” and include the name and address of the individual or firm/team.


    Faxed or e-mailed Submittals will not be accepted.


    Renton Housing Authority

    Attention: Julie Brooks

    2900 NE 10th Street

    P.O. Box 2316

    Renton, Washington 98056-0316



    1) Proposals must bear an original signature by an individual authorized to bind the firm offering the proposal.

    2) Offerors are required to enter their Federal Identification Number on the cover sheet.

    3) Attachment B (Pricing Schedule) provides for submission of more than one price.  All prices shall be entered in the schedule.

    4) Attachment C (Offerors Data Sheet) provides the offerors qualifications, which shall be clearly and succinctly described.

    5) Attachment D must be completed in total to be a considered proposal. Failure to furnish this data may result in declaring your proposal non-responsive.

    6) Provide recent references (names and current contact information) who may be contacted concerning your Firm’s performance.


    Date(s) of Publication:  December 6, 2019


    Full RFP can be found here






                  Project                                                    Contractor                                 Date Awarded                                   Amount


     Houser Terrace Roof Project                                     Bates Roofing                                        1/28/2016                                             $134,800.00


     Hillcrest Solid Waste Enclosure                                Accord Contractors                             1/28/2016                                             $88,690.00


     Glennwood/Harrington Demolition                       Rhine Construction LLC                      6/30/2016                                          $118,950.00


     Homeownership Community Land Trust               Homestead CLT                                    1/17/2017                                             $N/A


     Sunset Lane Demoltion                                             Maroni Construction Inc.                     2/13/2017                                             $55,737.00


      Tenant Management System                                  Yardi Management Systems               8/10/2018                                          $N/A


      Development, Financial, Asset Mgmt, & HR

           Consultation & Construction Contracts           Brawner and Co.                                     8/13/2018                                           $N/A

           Administration Services


     Multi-Service & Career Development Center       Miller-Hayashi                                        5/01/2019                                           $N/A



      LEED Consulting Services - Multi-Service &         Paladino and Company                      6/10/2019                                            $N/A

            Career Development Center


      Multi-Service and Career Development                Charter Construction                             1/23/2020                                         $N/A

             Center - General Contractor


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