General Admission

  • Can you send me an application for housing?

    Unfortunately all of our waitlists have been closed. You may go online to update and edit your application. For our Market Rate properties, please visit the Cedar Park Office or come to the Main Office to check on availablity.All our applications need to be completed online - visit our Apply for Housing page.  We do not have paper applications available.

  • Can I apply for the Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) waitlist?

    RHA’s HCV waitlist was closed in 2012 and won’t reopen until the 1700 applicants currently on the list have been served. You may still apply for Low Income Public Housing and Senior Housing on our Apply for Housing page.

  • Where am I on the waitlist?

    If you are on the Low Income waitlist, you can check your status by calling 1 (501) 404-4133.  If you are on the  HCV (Section 8) waitlist, you were mailed a letter with your lottery number back in 2012.  Waitlist information can be reviewed at the link on your left.  In general, we recycle about 20 vouchers per year.  If your lottery number is 80 away from the number we are currently serving (as an example) it would take 4 years before your number comes to the top of the list. (80 ÷ 20 = 4 years).

  • If I am homeless, will I get housed faster?

    There is no priority or preference for being homeless, so it will not change the order in which you are housed.  You will be listed on our waitlist according to the date and time you applied.  We do, however, keep track of those who are homeless.  When filling out your application be sure to indicate your status.

  • I am homeless, but I don’t have a disability or children.  Do I qualify for housing?

    Anyone can apply for housing, however, a person who is single, with no disability, and is younger than 62 will be classified as "Priority 2."  It is highly unlikely that any Priority 2 will receive housing as families, disabled and the elderly get first choice.  If your status changes (for example, you become disabled) the application date and time would be effective as of the date they can prove they became disabled - this is the date you qualified as a Priority 1 and a new application date/time would be assigned.

  • Would a bad credit history disqualify me from getting housing?

    Every applicant goes through a credit screening process when their name comes up on the waitlist.  You will have an opportunity to tell your story and might be asked to get a cosigner.   If you owe a landlord money, you will need to have a written repayment agreement in place and show you have been making regular payments to them by supplying receipts, canceled checks, or a letter from the landlord.

  • What is the point of applying for housing if it takes 10 years before I’m housed?

    When you fill out an application, you are helping show a demand for housing and this could be beneficial when we apply for funding – which in turn could help us build more housing in the future.  We appreciate your support.

  • After I’ve had an intake interview, how do I know whether I've been approved?

    The process of approval can take 1 month or up to 1 year to finalize.  Once a decision is made you will receive a letter from us letting you know whether you have been approved or denied.  If you were denied, you will be given instructions in the letter on what your options are.

Housing Choice Voucher Program

  • I’m currently living at King County Housing Authority and want to move to Renton.  What do I have to do?

    First you would need to go to your current housing authority and ask for a “move request packet”.  When you fill out the reason for your move, indicate you wish to Port into Renton Housing Authority.  They will transfer your paperwork to our office and then you will be assigned a case worker. Please send all Portability emails to


    PH:  425-226-1850

    FAX: 425-271-8319

  • Are you billing or absorbing right now?

    We are billing at this time.  This means the Housing Authority that originally issued your voucher will be billed for the cost of your voucher, even though you will live in the Renton Jurisdiction.

  • Can I make an appointment with my case manager?

    Yes.  You must make an appointment. Contact the case manager’s assistant to make an appointment.

    For the HCV (Section 8) program, if your last name begins with A – GE contact Wayniesha Thomas.

    For the HCV (Section 8) program, if your last name begins with GI – NE contact Luanne Nash.

    For the HCV (Section 8) program, if your last name begins with NG- ZZ contact Brandy Lamberson.


    For the Low Income program contact Lacoya Tyson or Mekel Williams

    For Brickshire, KAT, Glennwood, 4-Plex, or Rolling Hills, please contact Maria Chavez.

  • Who is my HCV case manager?

    If you have a Project Based Voucher:


    Your case manager is Wayniesha Thomas


    If you have a Tenant Based Voucher:


    If your last name begins with GI – NE, your case manager is Luanne Nash

    If your last name begins with A-GE or NG-ZZ, your case manager is Brandy Lamberson


  • Can you tell me if an address is within your jurisdiction?

    If you have access to the internet, you can do a search on King County Parcel Viewer to determine the appropriate jurisdiction.

  • When is my inspection?

    The inspectors usually head out at 8:00 am and end between 12:00 and 1:00; the tenant (or anyone 18 and older) must be home during this time period. The inspectors do not schedule a specific time. If you miss the appointment, the inspector will make a 2nd attempt the following week on the same day.

  • How many bedrooms do I qualify for?

    HCV (Section 8):  Any child under 2 shares a room with the parent(s); children age 2-13 share a bedroom regardless of sex; at age 14, if another child of the opposite sex is in the household, child qualifies for a separate bedroom.  At 18, the child is considered an adult and qualifies for their own room.

    LIPH:  Any child under 2 shares a room with the parent(s);  children aged 2-4 share a bedroom regardless of sex; at age 5 a child will qualify for their own room only if there is another child in the household of the opposite sex. At 18, the child is considered an adult and qualifies for their own room.

  • What do I do when I want to move?

    LIPH – You only need to submit a 20 day notice to vacate.  You may request the form at our Renton Office from the front desk staff or downloaded it here.

    HCV – you need to fill out a Move Request form, which you can get from any of the front desk staff.  Please allow at least 60 days from the date you are required to move, in order to process your move request.

  • How soon do I have to report an income change?

    You have 10 days to report an income increase.  If you are reporting an income decrease and want your rent to be adjusted – this request must be submitted by the 10th of the current month in order to be effective the following month.

  • What do I need to do when I have a baby?

    You would need to request a “Family Composition Change” form; provide the necessary paperwork to prove citizenship (i.e. birth certificate, social security card).

  • My child is going to college, what do I have to report?

    You need to provide a transcript of the classes your student is enrolled in.  There is a verification form that would need to be filled out during your recertification.

  • If I have a student that lives away at college, can I still keep a bedroom for them when they come home from school?


  • Can you recommend places to stay while I wait for housing?

    If you are homeless, please call 211 which is the King County Resource phone line.  They can direct you to any available emergency housing.  You can also go to to see a list of low income properties receiving Tax Credits for providing rents at lower rates, these may be an option for you.

  • If I have a live-in aide, does their income count towards my rent?


  • I need a special accommodation for an extra bedroom for my children.  What paperwork do I need to fill out?

    You need to fill out the Accommodation Request form.

  • I just got married.  What documents do I need to bring in?

    Please bring a copy of the Marriage Certificate, and if your name has changed, a new Social Security Card and updated Identification Card (Driver’s License) showing your married name.  If the spouse has not already been added to the household, you will need to also complete the Family Composition Form, fill out an Alliance 20/20 background check form  and Declaration of Citizenship and Social Security Card & Driver’s License.


Maintenance is for Renton Housing Authority owned properties only.  If you do not live in an RHA owned property, please contact your landlord.

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