What is the Housing Choice Voucher Program?

The Housing Choice Voucher program, commonly known as Section 8, is a rent assistance program subsidized by the federal government. Renton Housing Authority administers the program in Renton from our main office. There is both a tenant based voucher and a project based voucher.


How does the program work?

The tenant based voucher program allows tenants to receive subsidy, allowing them to rent market-rate apartments, houses, or other multi-family units from private landlords. The project based voucher program provides subsidy on specific units that the Housing Authority has marked as qualified units to receive assistance. Tenants pay between 30 and 40 percent of their household’s income toward rent and utilities. Renton Housing Authority pays the difference directly to the landlord. Because tenants always pay a percentage of their income, instead of a fixed amount, their home remains affordable to them even if their income decreases.


What is the role of the Renton Housing Authority?

The Renton Housing Authority pays a portion of the rent directly to the landlord, after ensuring that the unit meets Housing Quality Standards. RHA is also responsible for making sure tenants follow program rules and remain eligible for the program. Landlords are responsible for enforcing the lease just as they would with any other tenant. Both landlords and tenants have the rights and responsibilities set out under Landlord-Tenant law.


We have now become appointment only.  Please schedule an appointment with your case worker.

If you have a project based voucher, contact Wayniesha Thomas; for tenant based vouchers, if you last name begins with GI-NE,  contact Luanne Nash; and if you last name begins with A-GE or NG-Zz contact Brandy Lamberson.


What are Payment Standards?

A “Payment Standard” is used to calculate the maximum monthly housing assistance payment for a Family.  RHA establishes Payment Standard amounts for each unit size.  RHA adopts a Payment Standard schedule for each Fair Market Area in RHA’s jurisdiction. The Payment Standard is based on HUD’s published Fair Market Rental, or FMR, in the area.


The Payment Standard for a Family is the lower of:  (1) the Payment Standard amount for the Family unit size; or (2) the Payment Standard amount for the size of the dwelling unit rented by the Family.


Dwelling Unit Payment Standards (Effective 10.01.2019):

0 Bedroom - $1,465.00

1 Bedroom - $1,567.00

2 Bedroom - $1,890.00

3 Bedroom - $2,694.00

4 Bedroom - $3,172.00

5 Bedroom - $3,647.00

6 Bedroom - $4,123.00

The Renton Housing Authority (RHA) applicant waitlist is opened and closed depending on the availability of Housing Choice Vouchers.


At this time, the applicant waitlist is closed.

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