A tenant may begin looking for a home after RHA certifies their eligibility. Before they can move into one of your units, you must screen the tenant, submit the correct forms, and have the Housing Authority approve the rent amount. After the unit passes a Housing Authority inspection, you must sign the Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) contract and provide us with a copy of the lease.


Tenant Screening

RHA only screens tenants for program eligibility and minimal criminal history. You should also screen them to find out if they are a suitable renter. You may charge the tenant a screening fee as long as you charge all other renters the same fee.


Tenancy Approval  Forms

If the tenant meets your screening criteria, you then fill out the Request For Tenancy Approval packet (RFTA Packet) given to you by RHA. You should complete, sign, and date the packet as soon as possible. The tenant will sign and date the Request for Tenancy Approval as well.


You must fax the completed forms to the New Move-In Team at 425-271-8319 Attn: NMI Desk, or mail them to:

Renton Housing Authority

Attn: New Move-In Team

PO Box 2316

Renton, WA 98056


Rent Approval

Once our agency receives all required documents it is reviewed to make sure that all information is accurate and complete. The rent amount proposed also must be reasonable or comparable to similar units in the same area. It also must be affordable – the tenant’s portion of the rent and utilities cannot exceed 40% of their monthly income; side payments are strictly prohibited. Once the rent amount has been approved, the unit can be inspected.



The housing authority sets up an appointment for a Housing Quality Standard inspection to make sure the unit is safe, decent, and sanitary. There needs to be a representative present during this inspection. It is necessary for the landlord to fix all failed items before a tenant can move in. To learn more about inspections click here.


Return the Lease and Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) Contract

Once the unit passes the initial inspection the Renton Housing Authority must receive a copy of the signed lease and the signed Housing Assistance Payment Contract (HAP) to start payment. Subsequent rent is paid no later than the 5th of the month.




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