The Renton Housing Authority (RHA) Section 8 applicant waitlist is opened and closed depending on the availability of Housing Choice Vouchers.  At this time, the applicant waitlist is closed.

Housing Choice Voucher program consists of two different program types. A tenant based voucher allows voucher recipients to choose and rent units from private landlords and owners. A project based voucher is tied to a designated unit that has been already designated with a voucher.


In both cases, the Housing Authority pays a fixed amount of the rent to the landlord each month while the tenant pays the difference between this subsidy and the total rent (in addition to any utilities not included in the rent). The tenant typically pays between 28%-40% of their annual income in monthly rent depending on their income.


The program does not place limits on the amount of rent you can charge, but rents must be comparable to similar units in the same area. You may apply to raise the rent after a tenant's first full year of occupancy.


Timely Payments

Part of the families rent will come from the Housing Authority; these Housing Assistance Payments will arrive at the same time each month – this allows low-income families afford a place to live while providing you with dependable source of income.


Flexibility and Stability

If something happens in the families financial situation, the Housing Authority can decrease the family’s portion of rent and increase the Housing Assistance portion, so that you never miss a beat, helping create fewer missed payments.


Routine Inspections

The Housing Authority routinely does inspections to make sure that the family is living in a safe and healthy environment, this way problems can be brought to your attention sooner and can be taken care of faster.



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