As of March 15th, 2018 all of our waitlists are closed.

The process for receiving a place on the waitlist consists of two stages.  The first stage is the Application Process.  Before attempting to complete the application, please be sure to review the information found here and here and complete your Application Checklist (it will be helpful to download and complete the checklist and have it handy during the application process).  The online application can be found at rentonhousing.housingmanager.com.  The second stage is the availability of housing and the Intake Interview.  The application must be completed accurately and all information will need to be verified at the time of the interview.

Housing Choice Voucher Program Waitlist

We are no longer accepting Section 8 (HCV) applications.

Here is why.  There are currently over 1600 people left on the HCV waitlist. Interviewing priority is based on the number each of those individuals received from RHA during a lottery held in 2012.  On average 10-15 new vouchers become available each year.  Given the rate of availability, adding more applications to the waitlist at this time is not feasible.  If you are one of the people currently with a lottery number, the best thing to do for now is to make sure all your contact information is up to date ensuring that there will be no problems contacting you when your lottery number comes up.


The following is most current information for HCV (Section 8), RHA Subsidized Housing (LIPH), Building Specific and Market Rate Waitlists:

 Housing Choice Voucher

 Subsidized Housing (LIPH)

 Building Specific

 Market Rate

Last open lottery held:  2012


Total currently on waitlist*:  1,561


Your position on the HCV waitlist is solely dependent upon the lottery number you received during the last open lottery.  When your number comes up you will be contacted.  Please make sure all your contact info is up to date.




*Waitlist is closed to new applicants.

Priority One interviews are taking place for applications dated as listed below for the specified unit size:

January 2013

April 2012

November 2008

August 2010

June 2012

for 0 bedroom

for 1 bedroom

for 2 bedrooms

for 3 bedrooms

for 4 bedrooms

Building specific interviews taking place for applications dated as listed below for the following properties:

May 2014

May 2014

May 2015

for Cedar River Terrace*

for Golden Pines*

for Houser Terrace**

* Applicants age 62+

** Applicants age 55+, disabled

For availability in the following Market Rate properties, please contact the Main Office at (425) 226-1850:

  • Highland House
  • Brickshire
  • Chantelle
  • Rolling Hills

For availability at Cedar Park, please contact Cedar Park Apartments Main Office at (425) 271-7482

Current as of:  March 13, 2018


According to the limits put in place by the Department of Housing and Urban Development, an applicant must have an annual household income at or below 80 percent of the area median income (AMI) to qualify for housing. However, some properties may have income requirements of 50% or below. Depending on your income level, you may not qualify for certain RHA properties.   You will find the qualifying limits for each property on their description page. The chart below shows the current HUD/LIHTC income limits at 30, 50 and 80 percent AMI.

Effective as of:  April 24th, 2019


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